Thank you for contacting Higgins Publishing for your publishing needs. We look forward to helping you manifest your dreams of becoming an author. 

We help you transform your manuscript into a tangible quality product. We also help you with companion products, marketing, promotions, and distribution. 

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how long does it take to get published?

It can take up to 3 months or more depending on your manuscript. We then promote your book 6 months in advance of the official release date.

do i keep my rights to my manuscript?

Yes, we copyright your manuscript with your name and you retain all your rights to your works.

do i need to copyright my manuscript?

We provide copyright service, and ISBN numbers with our publishing packages.

do you offer editing services?

Yes, we provide editing services for the publishing packages that we offer.

do you offer print-on-demand?

Yes, we offer print-on-demand services for you, and you keep 100% Profit of your sales. Books sold at our site incur a fulfillment and distribution fee.

do you provide distribution?

Yes, we provide worldwide distribution through popular retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple Books.

how much does it costs to get published?

Our publishing packages range from $1999 with the option to choose an affordable payment plan.

how do i get started?

It's easy to get started, just click the button below.



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