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Self-Publishing Packages

Our self-publishing packages provide all the services that you need to make your dream a reality.

Book Cover Design

We provide you with revisions to make sure you are happy with

the final design.

Proofreading & Editing

We know how important a good first impression is: we take care to ensure you are proud of your book.


We design vivid illustrations to catch your reader's attention and keep them engaged with your book.

Marketing & Promotions

We help you get the word out about your book, so you get the coverage you need and deserve.

Installment Plans

We provide affordable options for you to spread the costs

over 15 months.

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About Us


Higgins Publishing is a proud African American woman-owned Christian Self-Publishing Company dedicated to your success. We ensure that your book enjoys the same distribution opportunities you'd expect from a major Big 5 publisher. After investing months and even years into crafting your book, you deserve a publishing partner that values your manuscript as much as you do. Our mission is to empower you in the world of professional self-publishing. The books we produce for you meet the highest standards, enjoy global availability, and stand on par with those produced by renowned publishing houses like Harper Collins or Penguin Random House.

At Higgins Publishing, we are dedicated to guiding you through the fulfilling journey of writing and publishing your book, step by step. Let us make the path to publishing effortless and meaningful for you. Take the first step toward your publishing dream and schedule an appointment with us today

Higgins Publishing has been turning publishing dreams into reality for 20 years. Our dedicated team specializes in helping business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches publish books that reinforce their brand and forge lasting bonds with their clients. To date, we have assisted writers from across the globe in professionally self-publishing their books. These authors have realized their lifelong dream of becoming published authors and sharing their writing with readers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive payment for royalties?

Receive 100% of your hard-earned royalties seamlessly deposited directly into your bank account, free from any undisclosed deductions. The amount you'll receive represents the net value after subtracting the applicable fees imposed by the distributing outlet—whether it's Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or our very own Higgins Publishing.

Royalties are disbursed every 90 days effortlessly landing in your checking account via distribution channels like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For confirmed affiliate referral sales through Higgins Publishing's Website, disbursements are efficiently paid out 30 days after the sale confirmation through PayPal, conveniently tracked in the client portal, excluding personal purchases.

Can I choose the book size?

Yes, you have the freedom to select your preferred book size. A list of options is provided at the beginning of your publishing journey. Popular book sizes include 5x8 and 6x9. Once your book is formatted, the chosen specifications are fixed.

Do I have control over my book cover and its content?

Absolutely. You provide input on your book cover, including the front cover, back cover at the start of the process. We offer revisions to ensure your satisfaction with the design prior to publication.

Where will my book be available for sale?

Your book will be globally available both online and in physical stores. Through our extensive global book distribution network, which includes over 40,000 independent bookstores, online stores, chain stores, eBook retailers, libraries, and universities, your work reaches a broad audience.

Do I retain copyright ownership of my book?

Yes, you maintain 100% ownership of your copyright and all associated rights. Third-party distribution channel accounts are also set up in your name, differentiating our self-publishing package from others.

Can I include photos and images in my manuscript?

Certainly. You can incorporate images and photos, but keep in mind that additional images may increase printing costs. Adjustments to grayscale or limiting the number of images can help manage expenses.

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Do I need to have illustrations for a children's book?

When beginning your author journey with Higgins Publishing for children's books, feel free to include up to 24 beautifully crafted illustrations. If you find yourself in need of illustrations, you'll have the option to choose from our pool of talented in-house illustrators. It's important to note that more intricate illustrations may incur an additional fee. We're here to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

Are there any hidden costs?

No, all costs are transparent and provided at the start of the publishing process. Any additional expenses, such as proofreading, editing, illustrations, or extra typesetting, are clearly explained in the initial publishing services agreement.

Do you assist in promoting my book?

Yes, we offer additional optional PR and marketing services.

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Can I make changes to my book?

Throughout the process there are opportunities for changes, but additional charges may apply after approving the proof copy and cover. Revisions to a published book incur charges as well.

Will I receive a contract?

We provide a Publishing Services Agreement (PSA) that details the services we guarantee to provide.

Do I receive free copies of my book?

Feel free to order any quantity you prefer. For enhanced savings, we encourage you to join our affiliate program and enjoy a 40% discount on the retail price when ordering 25 copies or more using your assigned coupon code. Alternatively, you'll receive a 10% discount for orders less than 25 copies.

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Do you publish any book?

We are a Christian Book Publisher committed to maintaining high standards in our publications. Our quality matters policy ensures that each book undergoes thorough assessment, with our team offering guidance on editing, proofreading, cover design, and any other necessary adjustments. Please note that we do not publish books containing profanity, sexual content, new age, witchcraft, or illegal material. Thank you for considering us as your publishing partner.

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How long does it take to publish my book?

The average turnaround time is currently 16-24 weeks, but this can vary. Additional formatting, illustrations, or extensive changes may delay publication.

What is the ideal selling price for my book?

We offer a competitive pricing strategy to appeal to a broader audience of readers who may be interested in your book.

Once I purchase my publishing package what's next?

We understand that publishing your book can be an incredibly emotional journey, which is why we are here to provide you with the support you need every step of the way. From providing a comprehensive publishing timeline that outlines all of the key dates you need to keep in mind, to consulting with you as you move through the process, our team is here to help you bring your book to life.

In addition, we take care of all the little details, such as designing your book cover and marketing materials, to ensure that your book is beautifully presented and ready to be shared with the world. Trust us to support and guide you through this exciting journey with care and expertise!

Once my book is published what's next?

🧡 Your book is listed throughout the distribution channels for retail purchases.

🧡 Your book will be available for purchase worldwide.

🧡 You can place wholesale orders online when you need books for personal use and sales at your website.

🧡 You can purchase additional products and services for marketing and promotion of your book.

Do you provide assistance with book release celebrations and event planning?

We are more than happy to assist with book release celebrations and event planning. Just let us know your needs, and we'll be there to help make your special occasion memorable.

Do you offer installment plans?

Yes! We offer installment plans with a small one-time setup fee.

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