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Women of Purpose E-Book

Women of Purpose (E-Book)

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The "Women of Purpose' 2018 anthology is a collection of 31 inspiring stories of professional women to encourage you to never give up on fulfilling your God-ordained destiny and purpose in life. Each story will inspire you to reach for what appears to be impossible, and step out in faith and make your dreams a reality! 


CHAPTER 1 🔆 Finding Her By Dr. Najah Barton

CHAPTER 2 🔆 Keep on Living By Jazmine Blake

CHAPTER 3 🔆 The Inseparable Sustainer By Vanessa Brown

CHAPTER 4 🔆 Girl, Breathe! By Veronica Clanton-Higgins

CHAPTER 5 🔆 No Plan? No Problem! By Alexandria Cunningham

CHAPTER 6 🔆 This Was It! By Nikeisha Darensburg

CHAPTER 7 🔆 Finding the Strength By Benta Davis

CHAPTER 8 🔆 Life in Words By Judy Davis

CHAPTER 9 🔆 Overcoming Abuse By Chontae Edison

CHAPTER 10 🔆 Making a Statement for Love By Rashell Evans

CHAPTER 11 🔆 Marathon Runner By Incredible Faith

CHAPTER 12 🔆 A Leap from Fear toward Purpose By Nealy Gihan

CHAPTER 13 🔆 Getting My Love in Order By Dr. Sandra Hamilton (Hill)

CHAPTER 14 🔆 Behind a Veil By Shanene Higgins

CHAPTER 15 🔆 Go! By Tasha Huston

CHAPTER 16 🔆 Redefining Your Purpose By Leona Johnson

CHAPTER 17 🔆 Nothing is Wasted By Nora Macias

CHAPTER 18 🔆 Girl, Me Too! By Leandra McLaurin

CHAPTER 19 🔆 No Matter the Circumstances By Shirlyon McWhorter

CHAPTER 20 🔆 A Heart That Forgives By Michele Mills  

CHAPTER 21 🔆 The Journey to Purpose By Dr. Ngozi Obi

CHAPTER 22 🔆 Chasing A Dream By Beverly Reynolds

CHAPTER 23 🔆 The Meeting Place By Tiffany Richards

CHAPTER 24 🔆 She Chose Purpose By Jasmine Spratt-Clarke

CHAPTER 25 🔆 Her Freedom By Shaunic Stanford  

CHAPTER 26 🔆 Who Am I? By Quinn Thompson

CHAPTER 27 🔆 Flip the Page! By Emem Washington

CHAPTER 28 🔆 Rebecca at the Well: Should She Water or Doppler The Dromedaries? By Dr. Michelle K. Watson

CHAPTER 29 🔆 Breaking Down Barriers By Dr. Pamela R. Wiggins

CHAPTER 30 🔆 Blossoming into my Purpose By Erin Williams

CHAPTER 31 🔆 A Rose from the Concrete By Deborah Young


    • Format: E-Book
    • Release Date: August 14, 2018
    • Language: English


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