Work At Home

Work at home

Do you need to work at home especially because of the disruptions resulting from the Coronavirus? Our work at home program for Social Media Marketers will help you to maintain some form of normalcy by helping you to make money at home.

We are looking for motivated Social Media Marketers or individuals serious about making money from home posting content and marketing our products and business. We will supply the creative content for you to post and share across your social media networks, including (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other Social Media platforms).

We will provide you with your own “Referral Link” that will track every sale generated by you. Your “Referral Link” will need to be included with the content that you post. We will pay you for every sale through our website that is purchased using your “Referral Link.” 

We will pay you up to $799 for publishing packages sold through our website that are purchased using your very own specific “Referral Link.” You can post as often as you want at your leisure. Posting is easy, and sharing is quick. Posting throughout the week will help you to generate even more sales and is an excellent way to make money at home as well to supplement your income.  

We provide you with login details to check sales that you can access 24hours a day. You will receive payment on the 30th of the month via Paypal. 

We take care of everything; we need your help to post and share our content on your social media platforms for you to start making money at home through sales generated.

We are a Christian Publishing Company with over 20 years of providing step-by-step publishing services to writers and authors. To date, we have released a myriad of writers and authors of inspirational, motivation, educational, and works of poetry. We focus on family-oriented intellectual properties to strengthen the family and build the Kingdom of God. Our mission is to publish authors with a passion for fulfilling their purpose in life through print, media, and film.

In response to many individuals currently in quarantine as a result of the pandemic, we will donate 5% of sales to Organizations in dire need of supplies such as masks, gloves, and hospital gowns. Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, millions of people are losing their jobs, being laid-off, and running out of financial resources and food. During these unprecedented uncertain times, this is our way of helping those in need.

Every sale that connected to your referral link will help someone who has a dream of becoming an author or loves inspirational products, and you get paid generously as well. But even more importantly, every sale helps to meet the growing need of people affected by the Coronavirus.