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Veronica Clanton-Higgins

Veronica Clanton-HigginsVeronica Clanton-Higgins, MSW, is an author, an educator, a life coach, motivational speaker, and CEO of VCH Prosperity Consulting. A native of Compton, CA. Veronica is known for her community advocacy, support and healing of women, and youth mentorship. Veronica started VCH Prosperity Consulting in 2016 to address the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of women in her community. This was accomplished using workshops that focused on connecting women through sisterhood. Her unique style of Life Coaching is a combination of empowerment, motivation, and inspiration. She has made it her life’s purpose to improve the lives of others by helping them discover their self-worth by using mindfulness and self-affirming techniques. Veronica promotes change through education. She created S.O.S. (Squad of Survivors), a nine-week program that promotes healing through the sisterhood collective. Veronica uses this method because “healing is more effective when you have a strong support system.” She is also the founder of (The Girls Leadership Academy) for young women. T.G.L.A is a seven-month curriculum for middle school youth that encourages young women to focus on their strengths in order to be effective leaders in school and their neighborhood. Veronica’s work also includes a research study in collaboration with California State University, Long Beach, that focuses on reducing stress in African-American women through the use of psychoeducation. During her free time, Veronica enjoys writing. Her works include a thought-processing journal, Ten Steps to Happy, a planner for women in direct sales, Goal Digger: Planner for the Direct Sales Diva,” and a stress reduction coloring book, Girl, Just Color.

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