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Nikeisha Darensburg

Nikeisha DarensburgNikeisha Darensburg was born in Washington, DC and has worked in many fields which include but are not limited to: education, program administration, and cosmetology. As a single mother, she embodies the definition of perseverance. A self-love enthusiast, she is on a continuous mission to overcome obstacles and embrace her purpose. Nikeisha has been a lifelong learner and is constantly seeking to grow and challenge herself in new ways. She is currently studying Human Resource Management and aspires to head her own business consulting firm for startup companies. Nikeisha has had a passion for writing for many years that first manifested itself in the form of poetry. Her first poem was entitled What is This Thing Called Love? She has written numerous works for both business and academic purposes. Nikeisha is currently working on a novel, Torn, that will be released in the future. Able to identify with the struggles and plight of women in society, Nikeisha seeks to encourage and equip women to learn self-love and strive for independence. Nikeisha’s goal is to effect change through her writing. Nikeisha stands out as a writer because her stories are real, raw, and relatable. Her work is thought-provoking and emotional. Nikeisha’s platform is based on many of the issues that women are dealing with: self-doubt, domestic violence, undefined purpose, lack of support, and personal relationships. When she isn’t working or tackling a project, Nikeisha can typically be found with her daughters. Her home is full of laughter as she enjoys being surrounded by friends and those who rejuvenate her spirit. Nikeisha equally values her solitude that she uses to recharge and allow her creative thoughts to flow. Recognizing her writing as a God-given gift, Nikeisha has come to realize the importance of operating in purpose through her gift of story-telling.

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