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Dr. Michelle K. Watson

Dr. Michelle K. Watson Women of Purpose AuthorDr. Michelle K. Watson is a physician trained in surgery, a translational medical research scientist. She is also a techie, trailblazer, innovator, author, entrepreneur, blogger, designer, been around the world yogi, social agitator, commentator, activist, philanthropist, voracious bookworm, bohemian, bon vivant, supercharged STEM geek, and card-carrying member of the double X chromosome fashionista intelligentsia. Possessing a downtown artistic savoire-faire, Dr. Watson can be found traipsing through New York City’s DUMBO, Greenwich Village, or SOHO, reading, coding, traveling, antiquing, visiting art galleries and museums, attending the ballet, meditating, or quietly immersed in deep introspection. As she counts her multicultural, multilingual background as one of many blessings from the Most High, she empathetically utilizes this in her interactions with the socially marginalized and disenfranchised. With a Ford, tough titanium brain and a heart of gold, she is known for specializing in sprinkling wisdom and supergirl magic while leaving a little sparkle wherever she goes. As an enthusiastic and dynamic health professional well-versed in many aspects of medicine, research, and the pathophysiological manifestations of disease, Dr. Watson has cultivated a reputation for dedication, discipline, and determination which precede her in tandem with a work ethic unparalleled in its ferocity. She has engaged in experimental work for the United States Department of Defense and has published and presented her research nationally and internationally. Due to her expertise in wound healing, she has served as guest speaker and presenter at the Estée Lauder Laboratories. Dr. Watson is the CEO and Chief Master Yogi of MeDitation Nation!, a company with an avant-garde approach to nontraditional health and wellness, art, fashion, yoga, and meditation. In the future, she might consider her greatest adventure in STEM to be her custom, private planetarium; where she can sit back, relax, daydream, and perpetually and perennially reach for the stars.