Affiliate Program

Our affiliates make 10% commission for every referral sale! We give affiliates a "Referral Link” that will track every referral sale generated 24 hrs a day/7days a week!

We pay affiliates for every referral sale at our website that is purchased using their "Referral Link." Affiliates can earn up to $799 referral commission on publishing packages depending on their own efforts sharing our social media marketing creatives and links.

We give you your own “Referral Link” that will track every sale generated by you. Your “Referral Link” will need to be included with the content that you post and or share. We pay you for every sale through our website that is purchased using your “Referral Link.” 

We provide you with login details to check your referral sales 24hours a day 7 days a week. You receive commission payment by the 30th day of the following month for confirmed referral sales via Paypal.

SERVICES Commission
Pearl Publishing Package  $    799.00
Amber Publishing Package  $    199.00
Faith Publishing Package  $      89.00
Silver Publishing Package  $    299.00
Love Publishing Package  $      99.00


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