Coronavirus and Hearing God’s Voice in Tumultuous Times

Mother’s Day is a keyword that surpasses one million searches on Google with everyone desiring to purchase gifts for our moms who provide us with so much support. However, Fatherly guidance is something we also need during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is crucial to seek our heavenly Father for direction in this time of chaos, confusion, and uncertainty. Based on undeniable statistics, women and girls must have a healthy relationship with their biological father. However, sometimes the idea is not always possible. For girls and women who have not had a positive experience with their dads, God has not left them comfortless, nor has He left young men or dads without an answer to lead their families. God has provided a way to communicate with Him through His life-giving words of direction and wisdom. He also provides the missing link of unconditional love that many young men and women so desire today. Through a relationship with your Heavenly Father, you will be able to know what He wants for your life, especially in times of crisis, uncertainty, and pandemics such as Coronavirus (COVID-19). My Father’s Voice by Janice Elizabeth Duval is a book about recognizing the Voice of God, having a relationship with God, and receiving His guidance during times of unprecedented chaos.

Why is the Father’s Voice important?

What makes My Father’s Voice unique is that it’s a book about how to have an intimate relationship with God amid fear. It allows you to focus on connecting with the almighty Father, who’s is always with you, especially in tumultuous times. Considering what the world is facing, unemployment on the rise, schools, restaurants, gyms, and other places we frequent shut down, the lack of emergency supplies and national quarantine, we all need to hear our Father’s Voice more than ever before.  

My Father’s Voice is a book that everyone can benefit from reading and is also a heartwarming Mother’s Day gift. Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and many are currently in quarantine, it is an optimum time to order a copy of this book that will encourage your heart. My Father’s Voice shows how the power of having God with you amid turmoil can make all the difference.

When do you need to be as close as possible to God?

Traumatic times that require a supernatural strength and steadfast faith are when we need to be close to our heavenly Father. There are many women with fathers that are living who do not know how to connect with their dad. On the other hand, you also have men and women whose fathers are in quarantine and unable even to see their dads. Some are having a hard time dealing with their father’s passing with unforgiveness still in their hearts. Many women and men need a stronger connection with God to have comfort in uncertain times and guidance for their families. Challenging times call for us to seek God through hearing His voice for direction. Everyone needs to hear God’s Voice in this hour, especially moms and dads, who do not have a relationship with theirs.

My Father’s Voice is a book that shares how you can recognize God’s Voice and lean on Him when you need Him the most. Even if you do not have a good connection with your biological father, connecting with your heavenly Father will provide you an unconditionally loving relationship. My Father’s Voice is unique in that upon reading the book; you will realize how having a relationship with God will help you to fulfill your purpose as His daughter or son on earth, even in the midst of the unknown.

Having a bond with your heavenly Father is crucial because around 1 in 4 kids in the US alone live in a home without a father. About 19.4 million kids in the US live without their father, out of which we can estimate half to be girls. As you can imagine, living without a father does remove many valuable life lessons and guidance for children and young adults who grow up to be parents. It is vital that we tackle this accordingly and at the highest possible level. What you can do is to intentionally make an effort to know God and improve your life through His word (the Bible).

Why should you buy the book, My Father’s Voice?

As you can see from the statistics above, many mothers lack the experience of having their biological father in the home. Being raised without a dad who provides instruction, comfort, and support can leave a mom without the guidance she needs. Single-parent households are not the original intention of God. That’s why it is vital to share My Father’s Voice, a book about God’s Voice, His love, protection, and guidance with your mother.

Your mom will be happy to connect with God and obtain peace with the fact that her heavenly Father is always with her. But don’t forget about dads who do not have a relationship with their father. Not only will your mom or dad appreciate My Father’s Voice as a Mother’s Day Gift or a Father’s Day Gift, but the book also provides direction in a time of need. Even if your mom or dad didn’t have a father growing up, he or she needs one now, and God is there for them.

It’s essential to have Fatherly assistance and guidance, regardless of your age. And that’s what everyone needs right now, someone to talk to in prayer, someone that will provide instructions on what to do next. This pandemic is not the end; it is the beginning of a shift of knowing and recognizing God’s Voice! My Father’s Voice is the book that everyone needs to have for guidance to maintain a sense of normalcy and peace of mind.

The book is one of the best gifts for moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and anyone else who needs to draw close to God. Not only does it provide guidance, but it also opens up new ways to connect with God and know what He wants for your life. Recognizing the Voice of God and having a relationship with Him will make all the difference.

Get your copy today

My Father’s Voice is a remarkable gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because it helps moms and dads navigate through difficult times. The book, My Father’s Voice, helps with learning more about the importance of fatherhood for women and men, all while understanding how God can make a huge difference in life with His presence and direction. Life can easily change for the better once you read My Father’s Voice, as this is an encouraging book about the power of receiving guidance from God.

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