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Women of Purpose Anthology
Women of Purpose Anthology (Side Angle)
Women of Purpose Anthology (Front Angle)
Women of Purpose
Women of Purpose Anthology (Front Angle 2)
Women of Purpose
Women of Purpose
Women of Purpose

Women of Purpose

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The Women of Purpose is an anthology with a collection of 31 inspiring stories to help you fulfill your God-ordained purpose. Each story will inspire you to reach for what appears to be impossible, and step out in faith and make your dreams a reality!

We often go through life on autopilot, completing one task after another, not reflecting upon what we are purposed or even called to do. It is not until we make the conscious decision to change our current situation for the better that real change occurs. However, change without opposition is often an anomaly and most likely does not come easy.  Regardless of the challenges that we face, greatness requires tenacity, courage, consistency, a made-up mind, academic achievements, and faith that all things are possible with God!

Thus, the purpose of this book is to help you reflect upon the inspiring and transparent true stories written by professional and influential women who desire to help you reach your God-ordained purpose. As you reflect upon the stories, you may find yourself written within the pages of this book as you laugh, cry, and even rejoice with the authors as they share their pain, happiness, challenges, triumphs, and successes. We pray that you will glean enough hope to take a step or even a leap of faith, to do what you have been created to do and make a positive impact on the world through touching the lives of girls and women worldwide.



CHAPTER 1 🔆 Finding Her By Dr. Najah A. Barton

CHAPTER 2 🔆 Keep on Living By Jazmine Blake

CHAPTER 3 🔆 The Inseparable Sustainer By Vanessa Brown

CHAPTER 4 🔆 Girl, Breathe! By Veronica Clanton-Higgins

CHAPTER 5 🔆 No Plan? No Problem! By Alexandria Cunningham

CHAPTER 6 🔆 This Was It! By Nikeisha Darensburg

CHAPTER 7 🔆 Finding the Strength By Benta Davis

CHAPTER 8 🔆 Life in Words By Judy Davis

CHAPTER 9 🔆 Overcoming Abuse By Chontae Edison

CHAPTER 10 🔆 Making a Statement for Love By Rashell Evans

CHAPTER 11 🔆 Marathon Runner By Incredible Faith

CHAPTER 12 🔆 A Leap from Fear toward Purpose By Nealy Gihan

CHAPTER 13 🔆 Getting My Love in Order By Dr. Sandra Hamilton (Hill)

CHAPTER 14 🔆 Behind a Veil By Shanene Higgins

CHAPTER 15 🔆 Go! By Tasha Huston

CHAPTER 16 🔆 Redefining Your Purpose By Leona Johnson

CHAPTER 17 🔆 Nothing is Wasted By Nora Macias

CHAPTER 18 🔆 Girl, Me Too! By Leandra McLaurin

CHAPTER 19 🔆 No Matter the Circumstances By Shirlyon McWhorter

CHAPTER 20 🔆 A Heart That Forgives By Michele Mills  

CHAPTER 21 🔆 The Journey to Purpose By Dr. Ngozi M. Obi

CHAPTER 22 🔆 Chasing A Dream By Beverly Reynolds

CHAPTER 23 🔆 The Meeting Place By Tiffany Richards

CHAPTER 24 🔆 She Chose Purpose By Jasmine Spratt-Clarke

CHAPTER 25 🔆 Her Freedom By Shaunic Stanford  

CHAPTER 26 🔆 Who Am I? By Quinn Thompson

CHAPTER 27 🔆 Flip the Page! By Emem Washington

CHAPTER 28 🔆 Rebecca at the Well: Should She Water or Doppler The Dromedaries? By Dr. Michelle K. Watson

CHAPTER 29 🔆 Breaking Down Barriers By Dr. Pamela R. Wiggins

CHAPTER 30 🔆 Blossoming into my Purpose By Erin Williams

CHAPTER 31 🔆 A Rose from the Concrete By Deborah Young


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  • Language: English
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