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The Invisible Relationship

The Invisible Relationship

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The Invisible Relationship: Secrets Of The Heart

Author: Loretta Davis

Number Of Pages: 70

Release Date: 23-04-2019

Details: Does true love ever die? Have you ever wonder why so many people go from one relationship to another? Can you remember the first time you really fell in Love? What was it like? After being in a marriage for thirteen years one day the Lord revealed to me that the person I was married to was not the person I was in love with. OMG! Yes, I was married and in Love with another man and didn't realize it! After all these years of him being absent from my mind, I didn’t know he was still living in my heart. At that moment I begin to realize I couldn't fix it up, dress it up, or cover it up I had to go through the process. Does this sound like your story? Perhaps you are hiding behind the wedding rings, vows, rebounds, ministries, business, or maybe the bank account and have never dealt with it and you call it Love... How do you put closure to a love that was buried alive but never died? In this book, my journey will help you to identify the hidden secrets of the heart, understand the process, and be transformed to live a wholesome life. Man looketh on the outward appearance but God sees the heart. ( II Samuel 16:7).

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