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Dr. Ursula Bell writes about the importance of leadership in healthcare. Her new book Healthcare Leadership Practices: How to Conquer Nursing Shortages by Improving Engagement and Retention covers in-depth topics, explores the root causes of the enduring nursing shortages, its effects on the current healthcare environment, and strategies to conquer the shortages. Appropriate nurse staffing levels are critical to providing optimal quality of care, proactively and effectively mitigate clinical risks, and maintain safe environments of care for patients. Why is the nursing shortage taking such a long time to resolve? What role can healthcare organizations play to stop the bleeding, engage nurses, and increase retention in the nursing workforce?

In the Healthcare Leadership Practices book, Dr. Bell leverages results of an outstanding study at a 493-bed Magnet-designated acute care hospital to shed perspectives from clinical professionals on plausible strategies to curb the nursing shortage. The establishment, sustainability, and standardization of processes and strategies that support nurses’ work environments rest upon the shoulders of healthcare leaders. Dr. Bell confirms that fixing the nursing shortage is not easy but we can begin resolving the problem by understanding what nurses say will motivate them, curb attrition, and increase engagement and retention rates. Organizational culture, leadership practices, and shared values are significant in the engagement and retention of nurses. Clinical leadership styles need to evolve to incorporate leadership practices that are desirable for nursing work environments and include topics such as the following in transformational leadership as Dr. Bell has so adequately presented in her new book:

* The Importance of Leadership in Healthcare Organizations

* Leadership in Healthcare Essential Values and Skills

* Transformational Leadership in Nursing Examples

* Management and Leadership Theories in Nursing

* Leadership Styles in Nursing Management

* Leadership Qualities in Healthcare

* Leaders in Healthcare Industry


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