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How to recognize God's voice book
How to know the voice of God
My Father's Voice - Know God through learning to recognize God's voice.
Know God's Voice
How to know god's voice from your own
Listening to God's Voice
Hearing God's voice verses

My Father's Voice

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My Father's Voice will lead you on a journey as you learn to recognize God’s Voice through a relationship with Him. You will no longer yearn to know the Voice of God or be unsure of the Voice of your Heavenly Father. Upon reading My Father’s Voice you will finally know how to discern God’s Voice from your own and know His plan for your life.  


What You Will Learn... 

  • Learn how to take your cares to God in prayer
  • Learn how to laugh when you feel like crying
  • Learn how to overcome anxiety and fear
  • Learn how to have peace in chaotic times
  • Learn how to recognize God's voice

How Can This Book Help You?

Good Question...This Book Will Help:

  • Relieve anxiety and stress Amid COVID-19
  • Provide comfort if you've lost a loved one
  • Encourage you with daily devotionals
  • Bring peace and joy to your soul
  • Warm your heart with quotes


  • Author: Janice Elizabeth Duval
  • Formats: Paperback | Hardcover | E-Book
  • Page Count: 222
  • Language: English
  • Page Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
  • Release Date: May 2020


Every person I know is in need of encouragement.  The problem is that our daily grind and the routine of life sometimes rob us of this precious commodity.  Janice Duval has done us all a service by compiling her short stories, antidotes, and heart conversations with God.  I think you will be amazed at how God uses understandable stories to make a profound and lasting imprint on your heart.  No doubt, the encouragement that you receive from this book will cause you to share it with others.

Bishop Michael Pitts, Bestselling Author

Long after we have read or listened to a laundry list of important points to remember, we have most likely forgotten all but a few. Stories, though, have staying power in our hearts and minds. That’s one reason why Jesus spoke often in parables. Janice Duval has shared her heart through real-life stories that will uplift you in your journey. 


Janet J. Wend



Janice recounts the time when she first became a Christian, at age 19, she was like many people who did not know God or as He is — a loving and gracious Father. She also did not know God’s Voice. She accepted the Lord one Sunday morning in a small Baptist Church, in a little town in Pennsylvania, and continued to go to church and listen to the pastor huff and puff without any meaningful deposit of spiritual information for growth. She recalls a time when she had an encounter with God during a missionary trip to Trinidad when God’s Voice gave her direction to minister to the poorest of women and men. She taught Bible study, prayed for domestic violence victims, and fed hungry families. Her trust in God to provide guidance, healing, and deliverance is the reason she was able to complete her assignment.

Especially in discerning God’s Voice as a wife and mom of seven well-accomplished adult children, Janice puts God’s will first in her life. Her commitment to knowing and recognizing the voice of God has positively impacted her life for the glory of God, and that’s why she wants to encourage you to know His Voice as she does. Your journey to recognize God's Voice can begin and even deepen as well through the pages of My Father's Voice.

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