Our Feet Carry the Message


Sharan Allen does an excellent job explaining the art and the gift of dance to those who have a passion for the ministry with her inspiring beginners manual for dance ministers.

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Our Feet Carry The Message by Sharan Allen

Our feet are shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace. Throughout the Bible, we are encouraged to praise God. God has given us creative expressions as we use our bodies as instruments of righteousness to glorify his Kingdom. One of the ways to travel from one destination to the next is by way of our feet. We preach His Gospel in movement and our feet provide encouragement and strength to the body of believers as our feet are used to usher God’s people into a place of union with him.

Sharan’s heart is to Preach the Gospel through dance internationally to encourage and build up the body of Christ through dance. While the ministry of dance is going forth, it is believed that God will allow people to experience healings, deliverances, and those who are oppressed with heavy burden spirits will be lifted up. God will bring a word of comfort through the prophetic words through the songs as the dancers go forth in ministry. The ministry of dance with the songs given by the Holy Spirit will penetrate and pierce the very souls of those experiencing the manifestation of the Spirit at work through the ministry of dance.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Prayer for Dance Ministers

Chapter One

  • My Body Is the Temple

Chapter Two

  • Biblical History of Dance

Chapter Three

  • The Dancer God Observes

Chapter Four

  • Biblical Dance Terminology
  • Greek definitions & scriptures
  • Life Application Study Bible Scriptures
  • Hebrew words for praise

Chapter Five

  • Bezaleel: God’s Anointed Craftsman

Chapter Six

  • Priestly Garments and Their Significance

Chapter Seven

  • The Presence of the Lord “Shekinah”

Chapter Eight

  • Performance vs. Worship

Chapter Nine

  • The 5 Basic Positions of Ballet
  • Dance Terms Technique

Chapter Ten

  • Mentorship and the process of duplication

Chapter Eleven

  • Teaching Class/Learning Methods



About The Author

Meet The Author

Sharan Allen, AuthorMinister Sharan Allen began dancing at the age of 9 years.  Appointed Dance Instructor during her senior year of high school. Trained at the Jewel McLauren School of Dance, and traveled with the McLauren Dance Company.  Minister Allen was ordained as a Minister of Dance on July 11, 2008, under the Leadership of Pastors’ James & Michelle Ford, and Licensed as a dance minister October 2008 after a one-year intense training through the Eagles International Training Institute under the Leadership of Apostle, Dr. Pamela Hardy.

Sharan is the Founder of Purpose International Dance Ministry and Lead Choreography for Dancers of Grace Dancers.  As a Dance Minister, she preaches the Gospel through dance by bringing the message of hope to the body of Christ through Music and dance. It is her prayer, that while the ministry of dance is going forth, people will begin to experience healing and deliverance. It is her desire for those who are experiencing oppression to be lifted above what appears to be insurmountable; through the prophetic words of the songs as the dancer goes forth in ministry.

She also believes that as God’s anointing is released, it will penetrate and pierce the very souls of those experiencing the manifestation of the Spirit at work through the ministry of dance. She prays that after reading this book, that you will find joy through the ministry of dance!

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