Diamonds in the Dark


Heather Magee shares powerful encouraging insights about being formed into a vessel of brilliance in the midst of extreme suffering.
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 Pastor Keith Ham. (Baptist Pastor and Counselor).

“Heather Magee has written an immensely readable, at times confronting, but always heart touching account of her journey through some really frightening life challenges as a woman, a wife, and a mother. This book brings the realities of devastating human experience into the perspective of a loving and gracious God and applies sound Biblical truth to some of the great quandaries of life. After reading it, I doubt you will view the subject of human suffering in quite the same way again.”

Joan Pennicook. Wife of Pastor John Pennicook.

“Shortly after the recent floods, I was driving across central Queensland. The road was badly damaged by the heavy deluges and we were forced to travel slowly. A flashing sign on the side of the road caught my attention and totally transformed the journey. It said, “Ignore your GPS! There is a better road ahead! Heather has chosen to ignore the natural GPS of looking at her circumstances and has fixed her eyes on Jesus for the better road He has marked out for her. This is an amazing story of Heather‘s determination to persevere through her many trials and trust God in all things.’ Parts brought me to tears as I learned of her journey, and parts reaffirmed my trust in the God who created us and loves us perfectly.”

Heather, thanks for the privilege of reading your story!

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Meet The Author

Heather Magee, AuthorHeather was born on September 14, 1956. She was the eldest of three sisters and grew up in a loving Christian family in England i.e. Heather was born on September 14, 1956. She was the eldest of three sisters and grew up in a loving Christian family in England.

She studied at Gypsy Hill Teachers Training College in Kingston, (not far from Wimbledon, where the English tennis finals are held each year). It was during her final year at college that she met Len Magee, who was one of Britain’s most loved gospel singers at that time. As the prayer secretary in the Christian Union, she booked Len to sing at one of their college outreaches. He was also Pastor of a large church in the South of England.

Well! It was love at first sight. From selling Len’s gospel albums in the local Christian bookshop, she became his wife! They married in July 1977 at Heather’s home church, Halford House, in Richmond (just outside of London).

They pastored together until they moved to Australia in 1981. Len had grown up there as a child until he came to England at the age of 21. After his conversion, studying at Bible College and getting married, he felt a strong call to return to Australia. It was not as easy for Heather, but she willingly (albeit painfully) left father and mother, sisters and lifelong friends, to travel halfway across the world to a country she’d only ever learned about at school.

Len and Heather arrived in Australia with their 18-month old son Matthew, ready to start a completely new life. Their only daughter, Hannah was born during the following year – and so their young family was complete.

Len and Heather have now been in ministry together for almost 40 years. Len preaches and teaches. Heather leads the worship team, writes many of the worship songs they sing and plays keyboard in the band. Sometimes she also preaches. They are currently living on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, in one of the most beautiful parts of the most spectacular countries in the world. (Well, someone has to!)

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