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Dell Staggers
Dell Staggers


Dell Staggers has been in ministry for more than 15 years. He is a graduate of Luther College. Dell also received a Masters from Drake University and a Masters from the University of Scranton. He is a former school teacher and youth pastor. Currently, he is an author, singer, songwriter, youth coach/mentor and college professor. Dell is married to his beautiful wife, Karan. They have three beautiful children: David, Daniel, and Faith. The Staggers family recently relocated to the suburbs of Dallas, Texas.

God's Time by Dell Staggers

We live in an incredibly fast and demanding world where sometimes there are not enough hours and minutes in each day to accomplish everything. Family obligations, personal and professional responsibilities can consume all our time and energy. If we aren’t careful, we can get burned out and overloaded with busy work. God’s Time is a 365-Day Devotional that helps us pause, prioritize, and receive direction for our lives.


God’s Time will help you:

  • Become more consistent with studying the Word of God
  • Learn how to pray more efficiently and effectively
  • Keep a record of your time alone with God
  • Strengthen your relationship with your Heavenly Father
  • Learn how to give your cares to the Lord in prayer


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