Clara Coney

Clara Coney
Clara Coney


Clara has more than 25 years in ministry and she is the originator of Life Path Seminar developed in 2003. She has served as a guest speaker, lecturer and facilitator at various conferences and workshops throughout the years. She currently serves as a motivational speaker for a women’s correctional institution in New Jersey as well as an inspirational speaker for teen and adult women who are living in homeless shelters.

Clara was nominated as Woman of the Year by the NAACP for her outstanding contribution to her community. She passionately embraces women who are hurting and offers them healing through her personal stories and the Word of God.

Renew Your Mind & Transform Your Life

The Christian life is to be lived as a transforming life. If we do not conform to the things of this world, we can be transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot be transformed if we conform. If we live this life according to the dictates of the flesh, we will never experience the transforming grace and power of God.

The life of a Christian cannot be shaped by the image of this world. You can’t have a renewed mind without the mind renewing ‘Christ.’

Whoever controls your mind controls every aspect of your life. Allow the power of God to control your body, soul and spirit; today, tomorrow and forever.

God made it possible for us to be saved, not by deeds that we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Word of God.  The Holy Spirit at work in our lives will affect our behavior, thoughts, feelings, and habits. The Spirit of God will produce healing, restoration, and deliverance. Through the works of the Holy Spirit, the world will see Christ in our lives.

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