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Do you have a desire to have a deeper understanding of the purpose of life? Would you like to learn important information from women mentors and speakers? If you would like to glean from visionaries who believe God despite the odds, this book will bless your life and help you make your dreams come true. The contributing authors of the Women of Purpose anthology have taken the time to write directly to you in hopes of encouraging you to follow God's plan for your life. It's time for you to "Catch the Vision God has for you! Your purpose awaits. #CatchTheVision

Prologue: Simon Peter said to Him, “Lord, where are you going?” Jesus answered, “Where I go, you cannot follow Me now; but you will follow later.” John 13:36 (KJV).The time had come for Jesus to be glorified and to fulfill His purpose. Because of His massive heart, He was committed to doing the Father's will no matter what! John 12:22 (KJV). He was also committed to making sure that the disciples took care of one another. Jesus showed them what humility and love were throughout His entire life; but especially at the Last Supper, when He washed their feet. Even though He was in a state of sorrow because of the events that would soon unfold, He continued to serve those that He had spent years with, in ministry. He loved them unto the very end and stayed true to His word by offering Himself up for the sin of the entire world.

Simon Peter was zealous when it came to the Lord Jesus Christ. When he realized that Jesus was going to wash his feet, he insisted that the Lord not do so. But then Jesus explained to Simon Peter, that if he did not wash his feet, he would have no part of Jesus.

Simon Peter said unto him, “Lord, then wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head.” John 13:9 (KJV).

Jesus then explained to him, that only his feet needed to be washed to be clean; but not everyone was clean (referring to Judas, who would soon betray Jesus into the hands of those that sought His life). Simon Peter loved the Lord.

However, he was still afraid of man, and what man could do to him. Jesus knew that Simon Peter was still shaky; when it came to standing up for his beliefs. That's why at certain times in the Word of God, Jesus called him Simon, another name for (unstable). At other times he called him Peter, meaning Rock. I believe that this the reason that Jesus stated to Simon Peter that he could not follow Him now, but he would follow Him later. Thus referring to Simon Peter denying the Lord Jesus Christ three times, and falling away because of his fear of what man would do to him.

Therefore, when Peter denied the Lord Jesus Christ three times, he sees himself as a sinner. At that moment in time, Simon Peter was not ready for the call, and all that it would entail. But he would be prepared at a later date. Even though Jesus knew that Simon Peter was shaky, and the Lord knew in advance that he would deny Him in the presence of a crowd; Jesus still loved him!

Jesus knew what was in Simon Peter, but He also knew what was in Peter. Peter had a designated purpose to fulfill, and his present state of fear was of no effect on his call. Therefore, when it was time, Peter would be one of the most dedicated and sold out Christians named among the disciples. But Simon Peter had to hit rock bottom in his walk with Christ, to realize how much the Lord Jesus Christ really loved him. The love that Jesus had for His disciples, and the example of His life, left an undeniable mark on their hearts, and on their souls; that would change the world for His Glory.

Simon Peter is a perfect example of having a personal fight within his own flesh; and having to truly see himself, to understand the Love of Christ to some extent. He realized a portion of the Love of Christ, when Jesus came back for him, and accepted him as if he had not denied Him. Jesus was not concerned with the denial of Simon Peter. He was committed to the ‘Purpose of Peter.’

The Love of God is so deep that it cannot be entirely comprehended by the finite mind of man. However, what we have been privileged to understand is indeed humbling. Jesus looks past ‘all’ of our imperfections and our frailties. He looks beyond the weakness of our flesh and loves us to the depths of His soul. This kind of love is the most powerful love there is, and there is no love on earth that can match it. For God is Love, and He can only be who He says that He is; the manifestation of unconditional love in action!

 Contributing Authors:

Compiler: Shanene Higgins

Release Date: September 30, 2019

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