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Children's Book About Death - The Biggest Star
The Biggest Star - Book For Grieving Children
The Biggest Star
The Biggest Star
The Biggest Star
The Biggest Star
The Biggest Star

The Biggest Star

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The Biggest Star by Jeryn Alise Turner is a short children’s book written to help deal with loss. The story is told from the perspective of the departed and walks through common questions and emotions felt by children. Poetry helps to keep a child’s attention and uses a lighter approach to explain a tough subject. The visuals reinforce the words and are generic enough that every child can see themselves in the story. Although fiction, it summarizes the process in an honest way. Grief is hard especially with children so the overall message is one of support; they are reminded they are not alone and life goes on. I wrote this book so parents and adults would have a way to talk to their children when this happens. Sadness, anger and wanting to withdraw are all normal responses to death. Often times in our society there is a rush to create normalcy. This book is meant to change that approach so children are given time to grieve and so they don’t hold in what they are feeling. 

The Biggest Star provides suggestions for how to cope as well as things they can do to keep the memory of their loved ones alive. By having the departed narrate the story it takes the pressure off of the adult to explain death. This book is a must-read for all families but especially those with young children. Whether a parent, sibling, grandparent or pet; the process is similar and children need to know that things will get better. It’s a reminder that although not physically here; our loved ones are always in our hearts and their spirit surrounds us. I hope adults find comfort in this story as they reflect on those they have lost and how they coped. As parents support their children they are also forced to deal with their own feelings of loss. The open dialogue presented in this book allows for compassion to replace the confusion that death often brings. Let the love you have for those who have passed on fill your heart with warm memories as you read this touching book of acceptance.



Topic: Comforting Children's Book About Death

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