Shanene Higgins

Shanene HigginsShanene Higgins is the CEO and Founder of Higgins Publishing. She is an Empowering Keynote Speaker and Purpose Birthing Coach. Shanene is the author of the My Life Journal Bible Study for individuals, Bible Colleges and Christian Universities; a twelve-month color-coded Bible Study series created to help students study the Word of God and strengthen their relationship with Christ to fulfill their purpose. She is the visionary, co-author and compiler of the Women of Purpose and the Woman of Purpose, Power, and Passion AnthologiesShe is also an Award-Winning Artist with the release of her first Contemporary Christian EP Imagine, with over 680,000 plays under her Artist name Shaneen Lavette. After graduating from Bible College, Shanene became the Church Administrator of Global Christian Ministries in Pinole, CA under the tutelage and mentorship of Apostle Irene Huston. Shanene then created the My Life Bible Study as a weekly Bible Study Resource (B.S.R) for helping members become more consistent with studying the Word of God. She later became an E-Church member of The Potter’s House in Dallas and attended a local church in Hayward, California (Revelation International Ministries Founded by Pastor Nicole Shaw) before being released and sent by God to The Potter’s House. She is now an active member in The Bishop’s Choir, where she is under the tutelage and mentorship of Bishop T.D. Jakes & Lady Serita Jakes. Shanene is passionate about spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through print, music, and screen for the glory of God the Father!