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Rashell Evans




Rashell Victoria Evans is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Westchester County.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of Statement Junky, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to gifting minority girls with an essential key to access the world—their first passport. Rashell started Statement Junky in 2017 because she believes the future depends on a new breed of leaders, ready to solve the world’s problems. Passion and purpose will only take girls so far. Leaders need the right mix of values, skills and worldly experiences. Before devoting her work to Statement Junky, Rashell served as the Director of Operations for a leading High School in Harlem, New York. Her leadership and rapport with parents and students afforded her the opportunity to chaperone 25 teenagers to Quito, Ecuador, for a service-learning trip. Rashell coins the trip to Ecuador as the international experience that changed her global perspective and inspired her to create travel opportunities via the gifting of passports to young women across the nation. Since then, Rashell has equally explored the globe, most recently, landing her in Australia where she was able to take a selfie with a Kangaroo. Currently, Statement Junky has awarded over a dozen young women with their first passport. With each passport, a young woman has up to 10 years of no excuses to travel the world and change the world. Rashell’s website StatementJunky.com, online community, and mentorship are designed to empower, encourage and inspire young women to travel internationally with access to other travelers and resources necessary for exploration. Rashell is excited about her next endeavor, a youthful travel enterprise designed to ignite the travel experience for young women starting in the classroom. Stay tuned, The Passport Queen Project is coming soon.

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Rashell Evans

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