Gwarmekia Lafaye

Gwarmekia LaFayeGwarmekia LaFaye is a wife, mother, and author of children’s books from Alabama.  Her books including her recent release, Altar Call are about real-life problems and solutions, and she is driven by her past to improve the futures of children across the world.  In 2012, Gwarmekia published her first book titled, ‘No! Don’t Touch Me There!’ which was created to help others at a young age to understand that they do have a voice and can ‘Say No.’  Gwarmekia write books that uncover topics most parents often find difficult to discuss with their children.  Her other book titles are: Marry My Daddy, Why Do People Die, Mommy Loves Us Still, April and Juanita- a book about bullying, The Right to Say No, and Colors Shapes and Sizes.  Altar Call is her first attempt at a young adult book which includes short stories and poems. While her book covers serious topics, she adds a little fun with the illustrations to keep the readers drawn to the stories.  She desires to motivate the youth by encouraging them to push through life regardless of the circumstances, diligently and persistently work towards their goals to become whatever they choose at any age.  Gwarmekia firmly believes that whatever we desire can and will happen if we have the faith and believe.  She is on a mission to ensure that every child chases down their dreams and fulfill their destiny every day, no matter what! Gwarmekia is a board member of Every Child has a Story non-profit organization and have been a part of the Friends of the Library group of the Mason Court Homes.  Both groups are in Huntsville, AL. Wanting to see our children become successful in their artistry makes a world of difference and brings joy to her heart. Her books are educational and helpful to young readers, and each book serves a purpose.  The goal is to grab the attention of our children and young adults, to let them know their rights, and to push them in the direction of speaking up about certain matters that pertain to them or their peers when it comes to their well-being.  Gwarmekia knows all too well that children only talk to those that they can trust. She believes that now is the time to build a communication line between them and us, so they will know the lines are always open and that they can approach us about any topic at any time. The most important thing her books have in common is Love.  Love is important to have in our heart, in our home, and in our world.  Because we have a lack of love flowing in the world, it prohibits our children from learning to love properly.  It starts in the home from what they see and hear, and they also witness it from different social media outlets.  If we can teach our children to love despite what they see and hear, they will have a more powerful, stable, and effective generation. We must do our best to grab our children’s attention while they are young to prevent the television, radio, and other bad influences to attack their minds first.