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Dr. Ngozi M. Obi

Dr. Ngozi M. Obi Women of Purpose Co-AuthorDr. Ngozi M. Obi is an American author, of Nigerian-Igbo descent, whose love for writing has evolved into four published works of fiction to date. Her journey as a writer began in response to her search for a genre of books with an inspirational message that seamlessly tackles the complexity of life’s concepts. Craving such ingenuity allowed her to tap into her vivid imagination and create tangible characters that most people can relate to. She also found that delving into writing served as an escape and a way to deal with her late mother’s illness and subsequent passing. Love’s Destiny, her debut novel, is an intriguing tale of love lost and found. Her second novel, When Dreams and Visions Collide, is an uplifting tale of fulfilling dreams despite arduous challenges. Her third novel, Love’s Legacy, continues the quest of true love in a riveting sequel to her first novel. Her latest body of work, Land of the rising sun: A Fictional Tribute to Biafra, chronicles the Nigerian-Biafran war, through the eyes of a young and impressionable female nurse whose ideas of how life should be, are well beyond her times, in a historical fiction tribute. Most of Dr. Obi’s books are creatively imagined from life’s organic flow and aim to inspire adults of all ages. Her books are currently available in three different formats; hardcover, softcover and digital download through most online booksellers. They can also be requested at traditional brick and mortar stores. Dr. Obi resides in the love-filled state of Virginia where she currently serves the community through pharmacy practice. In her spare time when she is not busy writing books, she enjoys traveling, experimenting with different food recipes, frequent spa escapes, shopping, and reading.


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