Emem Washington

Emem Washington Women of Purpose Contributing Author
Emem Washington

 Women of Purpose Contributing Author  


Emem Washington is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur with a passion for teaching, and that has put her in front of diverse audiences, from K-12 students to law students; attorneys, corporate professionals, church congregations, and online audiences worldwide. She enjoys speaking on issues concerning women, youth and young adults, and shares her own experience of overcoming adversities to encourage and empower her ‘tribe’ to live out fully alive and purpose-filled lives. Emem has a soft spot for those who are often overlooked or underestimated, including children from disadvantaged backgrounds and single mothers. With a B.S. in Biology, a Juris Doctorate in Law, and an LL.M in Intellectual Property and Information Law, Emem never imagined that she would become an entrepreneur. She preferred the campus life over the corporate life and never thought there was a place for her in entrepreneurialism. She remains a ‘serial academic’ and loves teaching, and learning, a wide variety of topics. Emem combines her experiences, legal training and her voice (singing, writing, and speaking) to inspire and support other visionaries to reach their fullest potential. Her advice and counsel have been sought after for many years. Her projects include her debut album, Rebirth (available on all major music outlets), a contemporary Christian/inspirational album focused on planting seeds of hope. One popular song on the album is titled Flip The Page that draws on Emem's own story to remind listeners that no matter what their situation looks like, their story is not over. When she is not teaching, researching or leading worship, Emem enjoys spending time with her family, reading and listening to podcasts and music. Emem is happily married to Cedrick Washington and is the proud mother of two boys.

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