Donna Hodges

Donna HodgesDonna Hodges is an American Writer who has inspired others to reach for their dreams and turn their visions into reality. Over the years, her writings have blossomed in the homes of thousands of readers. She is the author of nine novels including, “Finding Me, Finding You,” which is her latest work. She is the founder and CEO of D Portuguese Brown Productions LLC. Her company birthed its name after her first gospel stage production “I’m Sorry Momma” in August 2007, which soared on stage at the Imperial Theatre. After sell-out performances, the play later ventured to venues within the city captivating audiences of different races and religions. She is working on bringing her stage performances to the surrounding cities. Since 2007, Donna has introduced her stage plays to Augusta, GA, and Pensacola, FL, under the direction of Mr. Donald Gray and Mr. Anthony Page—who are actors, directors, and writers. Currently residing in Maryland, Donna is married and has two sons. She is pursuing her degree in Cyber Security.