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Women of Purpose

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Do you have a desire to have a deeper understanding of the purpose of life? Would you like to learn important information from women mentors and speakers? If you would like to glean from visionaries who believe God despite the odds, this book will bless your life and help you make your dreams come true. The contributing authors of the Women of Purpose anthology have taken the time to write directly to you in hopes of encouraging you to follow God's plan for your life. It's time for you to "Catch the Vision God has for you! Your purpose awaits regardless of your pas because of the unconditional love of God!. #CatchTheVision

The Love of God is so deep that it cannot be entirely comprehended by the finite mind of man. However, what we have been privileged to understand is indeed humbling. Jesus looks past ‘all’ of our imperfections and our frailties. He looks beyond the weakness of our flesh and loves us to the depths of His soul. This kind of love is the most powerful love there is, and there is no love on earth that can match it. For God is Love, and He can only be who He says that He is; the manifestation of unconditional love in action!

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Compiler: Shanene Higgins

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