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SAFE - When Life Hands You Lemons Make Punch! In a nutshell, this book is and isn't about Audrey alone. It is a gift from God, as interpreted. In life, the moment you start feeling comfortable and confident in your shell, there will be something waiting for you in the corner to test all your virtues at once and persuade you into believing that this is the worst that can happen to anyone. Well, some of us have lived or are still attempting to trail a path through the worst nightmares to reach to the other end where the reality is not as cold and cruel as the present. The ordeals of people who have experienced trafficking, abuse, financial crisis, and even detachment from their loved ones are unfathomable yet, a particular part of their lives. 

  • Author: Audrey Mae Tice, M.A.
  • Formats: Paperback | E-Book
  • Page Count: 214
  • Language: English
  • Page Dimensions: 6 x 9
  • ISBN: 978-1-941580-84-4
  • Release Date: December 25, 2020 * Pre-Orders Ship Early!


This book will teach you about organized temporary shelters, safe places, and homeless situations that were God contrived and how they aided Audrey to come out stronger through her battles and, most importantly, evolve as a person. Mustering enough courage to stand up for the self requires immense faith in the one who made us; the moment you shield yourself with a spiritual wall, that’s when things will start falling into their places, and experience liberation in the most real sense of the word. Much like us, Audrey hurled in the face of a challenge that almost seemed unfeasible, but she dared to endure something entirely foreign. She obeyed the directions of God and became someone capable of inspiring the mass of people struggling to make peace with uncontrollable circumstances. 

If you care about the homeless or if you are in fear of becoming homeless, find solutions in this book. If you are against human-trafficking and have a passion for those caught in a system of control, you will find resources in this book. If you have lost your job and are struggling without a definite direction amid a national pandemic, this book is for you. If you are scared to death about what lies in the future, experiencing abuse, and need a safe place to hide, this book will be your ultimate refuge. 

Audrey will help you navigate through a host of circumstances; happy, sad, repetitive, or singular.  The question, “Why me,” will be replaced by a more constructive one that asks, “How can I do this?” Home is not a physical space circumscribed by four walls and a roof; it is your mind and its freedom, the one that is an untarnished assurance of the Almighty. Through the book, seek solace in him, the one true Comforter. You are an intentional creation of God for his purpose, and therefore, you must be formidable, yet gentle in your position with God. As Audrey rightly says, everything happening with us is a part of his plan that he made in His image. Lean on the Lord, and you will witness your tribulations, leaving you and escaping into thin air!


Dedication.. 3

Foreword.. 7

Introduction.. 17

Chapter One 21

Homeless In A Car 21

Chapter Two 35

By Choice or Not 35

Chapter Three 49

Feeding People Is Word. 49

Chapter Four 59

Choose To Believe 61

Chapter Five 73

Why Help? 73

Chapter Six 79

The Bloodbath. 79

Chapter Seven. 103

Escape: Childhood Expectations 103

Chapter Eight 129

Participants 129

Chapter Nine 141

The Rock. 141

Chapter Ten. 165

Without You, There Is No Survivor 165

Chapter Eleven. 181

Navigating Unemployment Amid COVID-19. 181

Chapter Twelve 195

Surviving Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Unprecedented  195

About The Author 219