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We all know how hearing the words, you've got breast cancer can be extremely scary and life-altering. No one wants to hear that! However, if you or someone else that you love has been diagnosed with cancer, this book about cancer written by Heather Magee can help you with navigating through the stages of breast cancer. Heather knows that cancer can be difficult to beat, especially when your spirits are low. That is why she has included bible verses about healing and cancer quotes woven within the pages of her book.


  • Be a good mom, sister, or friend in spite of breast cancer.
  • Encourage yourself and others through faith in God.
  • Enjoy life regardless of the prognosis of cancer.
  • Fortify your marriage against illness.
  • Find purpose in your pain.


  • Pages: 318
  • Formats: Paperback * E-Pub
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1941580141
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  • ISBN978-1941580141



Heather has taken you to the depths of human suffering with its sickness, trauma, pain, doubts, and fears. When you read Diamonds in the Dark, you will truly relate to the authenticity of the physical and emotional suffering that Heather so honestly describes. However, she has not left you there to languish in its dreaded clutches. She has given you answers. Heather also provokes you to believe again and to find Jesus in a way that perhaps would never have happened. She offers you a heartfelt and genuinely balanced theology for suffering from both a human and from God's perspective. Writing with total transparency from a pure heart, Heather forms a picture that will both inspire and encourage you.

Dr. Ray Andrews